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About My Dog Tactical K9 Equipment

My Dog Equipment aka My Dog Tactical K9 Equipment was born when our son became a K-9 handler in Brooks Co. Georgia.  Wade had done leather work for years and I had always sewn. When our son needed tactical k9 leashes, a harness, or a dog collar he would send us a picture and we would try to make it for him.  Many times it didn't work the first (or second or third) time but we kept practicing.  Then he would call and need another k9 harness or a couple of tactical leashes.  When we asked what happened to the ones he had,..... "Oh I sold them".  And it began.

    He introduced us to Marsha Peavy and we went to our first NNDDA regional training seminar in the fall of 2015. We enjoyed meeting all of the dog handlers and the crazy dogs, got a lot of great tactical equipment Ideas, and since we were going to retire in the following year we decided to try to see what we could do.  

     Our goal has always been to make K9 tactical equipment for our son so we think of each item we make that way. If it's not good enough, or safe enough, or correct enough, we don't sell it. Some weeks the trash bin gets full of mistakes. But if he or his dog would be at risk, well, that just won't happen if Mama has anything to say about it!!

Jane and Wade Morris
Owner Operators

Our Team
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